#fakefriends (#195-199)Listen now | Exploring the bonds between man and machine in M3GAN (2022), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), After Yang (2021) and more.
Post-Millennium Animation (#190-194)Listen now | A look at independent animated features in the 21st century, including A Scanner Darkly (2006), Mad God (2021) and more.
All the Things You Can Stomach (#185-189)Listen now (59 min) | Savoring the unique tastes of The Menu (2022), The Celebration (1998) and more.
You Got Talking Rabbits? (#181-184)Listen now (43 min) | A look at some 1970s animation with Watership Down (1978), The Hobbit (1977) and more.
Remake Rewind: Solaris (#179-180)Listen now | It's Kelvin vs Kelvin in this episode's look at 1972's Solaris and the 2002 remake.
The Rest of the Best of the Top Movies of 2022 (#174-178)Listen now | Wrapping up the most notable movies of the year with The Northman (2022), Glass Onion (2022), Avatar The Way of Water (2022) and more.
Happy Horror-days! (#168-173)Listen now (60 min) | The holiday season gets bloody with Black Christmas (1974), Krampus (2015), Fatman (2020) and more.
Reality, Check (#163-167)Listen now | The intersection of fact and fiction in Nope (2022), Black Panther Wakanda Forever (2022), The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022…
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